Fix for Filezilla Failing to Retrieve Directory Listing

Fix for Filezilla Failing to Retrieve Directory Listing

I use Filezilla FTP client to manage files on many servers. I had a
specific Filezilla client that refused to retrieve a directory listing.
Other computers could connect to the same server just fine. Thusly I
knew it was a client configuration problem.

I ended up with messages like this:

Response:	200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.
Command: LIST
Error: Connection timed out
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

I ran the Filezilla configuration wizard to diagnose the problem. The
configuration wizard utility ran for a while reporting success until
the very end. After timing out, I received the following messages:

Response: 200 PORT command successful
Response: 150 opening data connection
Response: 503 Failure of data connection.
Server sent invalid reply.
Connection closed

Searching the Internet led to not so helpful posts such as "Please read the Network Configuration guide.".
After analyzing the situation, it turns out the solution isn’t so
obvious. My Client had the default setting of Connection -> FTP
-> Active Mode: Get External IP Address From This URL. Which pointed
. This is the source of the problem. If you go to that URL, you will
probably get a result of If the Filezilla client needs the
external address, and is given, then there will be problems

If you have a similar problem with Filezilla, and the problem persists
even when the Windows Firewall is disabled, here is what you need to do:

  • Open Filezilla, go to Edit -> Settings
  • Click on Connection -> FTP: Choose Active
  • Click on Connection -> FTP -> Active Mode: Select "Ask your operating system for the external IP address"
  • Click on Connection -> FTP -> Passive Mode: Choose Fall Back to Active Mode
  • Press OK.

Try connecting to your FTP site once again. Works!


Solve!! ftp passive mode error!3E3DA667A88932E3!322.entry


3 thoughts on “Fix for Filezilla Failing to Retrieve Directory Listing

  1. I\’m a server administrator and after changing over to FTPES I also had many of my clients complaining that they couldn\’t connect using FileZillaSince currently FileZilla and FireFTP are the only 2 free FTPES/FTPS (secure) ftp clients worth using, I had no other option but to solve this problem fully for my clients if I wanted our servers to be secure. I found that this had nothing to do with FileZilla nor my clients PC or network firewalls. Instead it required extra configuration and setup of our pure-ftpd servers. It is explained fully in this article: the server needs to have a passive ftp port range opened in its own firewall and then pureftpd also needs to be configured to use this passive port range. Once we made this configuration change on our servers Filezilla began working for everyone in secure FTPES mode.


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