Howto setup LIRC with homebrew infrared receiver

Install Some Software

Now we install a few packages that are needed later on. Run

apt-get install dialog setserial

Install LIRC

First download the software from the lirc website. I strongly recommend not to use any .deb or .rpm package as they tend to make everything more complicated.
Go to the Lirc page and download the most recent package. Untar it with the command:

tar xvfz lirc-0.8.3.tar.gz

and start the semi-graphical setup:


You should only select your serial port and leave all the other settings. Select the 3rd menu entry, "Save configuration and run configure", wait until it has finished, then give (as root):

make install

Once Lirc is compiled and installed, set the serial port, load the lirc kernel module, and start the lirc daemon (lircd):

setserial /dev/ttySx uart none
depmod -a
modprobe lirc_serial

Install xmode2 (LIRC-X)

apt-get install lirc-x

If everything has gone well, we can test the actual receiving hardware.
Take a remote control and start the "xmode2" program (if you don’t use
X start the character application, "mode2"); press then some buttons on
the remote.




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